Behind Ruby Perrin

Ruby Perrin is a semi-fictional muse. The name, as well as the Ruby Perrin aesthetic, are nods to founder Heather Mitchell's earliest style influences: her paternal grandmother, Ruby Mitchell, and her maternal grandmother, Barbara Perrin. Both women pursued their professional and personal lives with elegance, grace, and a tremendous sense of style.

Heather Mitchell, Founder

Following childhood years spent living and traveling abroad and four Massachusetts winters (endured in the pursuit of higher education), Heather moved south -- to New York City -- to pursue a job in finance. She stayed for law school and now works as an attorney in Manhattan. Heather founded Ruby Perrin in the fall of 2013 -- like many 30-somethings working to cultivate meaningful professional and personal lives, Heather had spent her fair share of down time seeking goods and shopping experiences that would complement these pursuits. And she knew from time spent with friends and colleagues that many of them sought the same. Ruby Perrin was founded with these ideals in mind, and brings the thoughtful curation and personalized service of a luxury boutique to the best seat in your home.  

Ruby Mitchell, Inspiration

Ruby (Reynolds) Mitchell was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1910. After graduating from Knoxville College, she moved to South Carolina, where she lived for several years (with Heather's grandfather and father). The central design element in her living room was the bookshelf lined with her favorite books. Her love of reading and traveling informed both her work as an English teacher and her sharp personal style.  

Barbara Perrin, Inspiration

Barbara (McKnight) Perrin was born in Brooklyn and began working for the State of New York in 1960 (the same year the Mad Men television series opens). The commute between her Brooklyn home and Manhattan office provided the perfect opportunity to pop into Saks for wardrobe updates (including a pair of black leather boots that have since been resoled and now reside in Heather's closet.) She now lives in Washington, D.C., where she continues to update her wardrobe.