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Tucked in each wellness bundle you'll find hand-selected pieces to remind you that navigating life's ups and downs can be exciting, challenging, frustrating, inspiring -- and also beautiful.  Use these pieces to set intentions, practice gratitude, and remain grounded as you celebrate the ups and center yourself through the downs. 


Oh, dating.  Fun and exhilarating today, confusing and exhausting later today.  Enter amethyst, a healing stone that attracts positive energy and promotes inner peace, calm, and balance.  Amethyst also reminds us to tap into our powers of intuition -- and to bring them on every date. 

The Big Date wellness bundle comes packaged in an organic cotton muslin pouch and includes:

  • One white sage smudge stick (sustainably grown in California)
  • Three palo santo sticks (sustainably sourced in Peru)
  • One Ruby Perrin matchbook
  • One amethyst stone* (ethically sourced in Brazil and wrapped in its own pouch)
  • One clear quartz stone* (ethically sourced in Brazil and wrapped in its own pouch)
  • Care cards, including notes about your healing stones

Each stone included in a wellness bundle has been hand selected for its beauty and good vibes.  Because they are natural, no two stones are alike, and each comes with its own perfect imperfections. The stones will vary in size, but most range from 1-1.75 inches and are petite enough to be easily stashed in a handbag, pocket, or the palm of your hand.  Big things come in small packages.


Wellness Bundle 101.  Press reset on your mind and your space with white sage.  Burn palo santo to show negative energy the way out out and calming, tranquil energy the way in.  Meditate with, admire, and travel with a healing stone, carefully chosen for its unique properties.  And amplify it all with clear quartz, a stone that encourages an open mind, emotional balance, personal awareness, and growth.  

Disclaimer.  Wellness bundles are designed to supplement -- not replace -- other important components of your self-care routine.  So make (and keep) your doctor’s appointments. Talk things out with a mental health professional or a trusted friend.  Run, walk, stretch and sweat. Eat the good foods that are good for you. Drink water. Read. Write. Save for that investment wardrobe piece.  Watch your favorite show(s). Sleep often and well. And keep your environment sage- and palo santo-scented and your healing stones close.


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